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Delta Direct is

Delta Elektronika UK Representative

From the 3rd of September 2012 all sales for

the Safety Power Group have been transferred to

Powersolve Electronics Ltd

Sales and support team are available

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(44) 01635 521858

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 New SM 3300 Series

Universal Input 180-528VAC (single or three phase 48-62Hz)

Standard Features include,

Digital Voltage and Current Setting, Ethernet Controller,

Sequencer converts power supply to arbitrary waveform generator/PLC,

High output isolation to 1200VDC, USB input

                                        Model          Voltage Range        Current Range

                                        SM18-220      0-18VDC                  0-220Amp

                                   SM66-AR-110      0-33VDC                  0-110Amp

                              auto range output     0-66VDC                  0-55Amp

                                   SM330-AR-11      0-165VDC                0-22Amp

                              auto range output     0-330VDC                0-11Amp

                                   SM660-AR-11      0-330VDC                0-11Amp

                              auto range output     0-660VDC                0-5.5Amp                     

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